Essential Safety Measures – AS1851-2012 – Made Easy
Integral Fire have some simple rules when providing Essential Safety Measures Services

  • All clients are allocated an Integral Fire Account Manager who will meet with you regularly.
  • All critical, non-critical and non-conformances found during routine inspections are quoted, and priority identified within 4 hours.
  • All tests engaged to be completed by Integral Fire, will be conducted on time in accordance with AS1851.2012 or that test is free.
  • Integral Fire is always honest with our clients.

Essential Safety Measures are the life and fire safety systems required in commercial, industrial and public buildings to ensure the safety of occupants in the event of a fire or emergency. Legislation requires that the Essential Safety Measures are maintained to ensure they will operate when called upon in an emergency.
The Maintenance of Safety Measures in buildings is mandated within the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and/or that State’s Building Regulations. Mainly, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Standard which applies is the Australian Standard AS1851.2012 – Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems & Equipment, however some other standards may apply, which would be identified on the case-by-case basis.

Integral Fire will be able to identify the Essential Fire Safety Measures within the building. Integral Fire will also be able to advise whether the new Interface System Tests which are now a requirement of the revised AS1851-2012 apply to systems in the building. AS1851.2012 is made up of the following stages of testing.

Stage 1

  • System design, installation and commissioning
  • Initial Baseline Data Assessment (Interfacing Matrix Development)

Stage 2

  • Routine servicing (Surveys, Testing of Equipment, Reporting)

Stage 3

  • Regulation and application (ESM Report requirements)

Integral Fire is a leader in this field and provides complete essential fire safety measures solutions, offers a professional and highly developed range of services and products to assist in the compliance of essential safety, essential services and fire safety. Integral Fire Head Office is based in the Southbank, Melbourne.

As a specialist in this field, Integral Fire offers a range of services which help building owners and managers meet their essential fire safety measures and maintenance obligations. The Integral Fire Inspection Monitoring and Reporting System is a well-established and proven system that simplifies the essential safety measures process with an easy to use step-by-step approach to achieving compliance.

Our services include:

  • Set Up
  • Compliance Management
  • Inspections
  • Annual Statement & AS1851-2012 Surveys

Set Up
Integral Fire is able to carry out an on site survey that will identify the essential fire safety measures present and their locations, we also provide the time to walk though your premises with you and explain the installed essential safety measures and how they effect your building.
Integral Fire technicians/inspectors are then assigned to carry out the maintenance and testing of each essential safety measure item identified according to the Certificate of Occupancy or the Building Regulations.

The collected data is entered into a software database by the Inspectors and Essential Safety Measures Manuals are prepared for each site. Each customized manual includes the following information:

  • Owner Details
  • Building Details
  • Essential Fire Safety Measures Equipment List
  • Maintenance Contractor Details
  • Inspection Standards and Frequencies
  • A 12 Month Inspection Schedule
  • Inspection Records
  • Annual Statement or Report

Compliance Management 

Essential Fire Safety Measures Compliance can be achieved by utilizing the Integral Fire Inspection, Monitoring, and Reporting System.
Your Integral Fire account manager will ensure they have regular meetings with you to discuss all aspects of your ongoing Essential Safety Measures maintenance. They will also inspect our technicians/inspectors performance in accordance with our quality management system, and finally will discuss with you any outstanding non-compliances and outstanding quotations.


Integral Fire allocates the appropriate qualified and/or skilled technicians/inspectors to inspect, test and maintain your Essential Safety Measures.

Annual Statement & AS1851-2012 Surveys

Integral Fire has developed a simple and practical process that ensures compliance can be achieved on an annual basis and that when required, Annual Statements and Reports can be prepared and issued.

The customized manuals for each building are prepared by senior Integral Fire compliance managers, and the computer generated reminders are sent to Integral Fire personnel to ensure compliance can be met.

Your Integral Fire account manager will attend your site to confirm if all Essential Fire Safety Measures are performing to the appropriate standards and have been maintained during the past 12 months according to the conditions of the Occupancy Permit (if applicable). During this Annual Onsite Audit of the onsite records, Integral Fire performs the required AS1851-2012 Survey in order to identify whether there has been any occupancy or building alterations which may have compromised the currently installed Fire Protection Equipment or which may require additional or different Fire Protection Equipment to be installed. These checks would be necessary before the Annual Statement or Report can be signed and displayed.