Evacuation Plans – AS 3745-2010

Evacuation plans are required for premises which are frequented by members of the public (such as places of public entertainment for example), especially if they do not have a direct path of egress to the street. Some Insurance Underwriters are also making these a requirement for commercial buildings that have a large number of people visiting on a daily basis (such as Professional Centres, e.g. medical office suites).

Property owners and managers are responsible for ensuring that the fire safety and emergency response management systems are compliant to Australian Standard AS3745-2010: Planning for emergencies in facilities.

Maintaining fully compliant Emergency Management Plans, including accurate Evacuation Diagrams, are essential to meeting this requirement.
It is imperative that your building’s occupants know how to quickly and easily act in the event of an emergency. Implementing clear evacuation signage and diagrams and developing and rehearsing emergency response procedures, will equip your occupants with the knowledge and tools they need to respond safely and correctly.

Effective Emergency Management Plans and Evacuation Diagrams can:

  • Reduce the effects of an emergency
  • Prevent personal injuries
  • Protect against loss of lives
  • Prevent damage to property
  • Minimise business interruptions