hydrant Hydrant Block Plans – AS 2419

Engraved plans are required to be installed at the front of the building and pump room where there is a hydrant system installed with a booster assembly. They allow the Victorian Fire Brigade to quickly identify the number and locations of any hydrants, hose reels and stop valves, discover the pressure/flow rate of the booster as well as highlight any hazards such as gas mains, stored volatile materials etc.



Sprinklerwater-system Block Plans – AS 2118

A plan of the risk (block plan) with the position of the main stop valves clearly indicated thereon is required to be placed adjacent to each set of installation control assemblies or group of valves where it can be readily seen by fire-fighters and others responding to the alarm. The plan will also include emergency shut-down instructions for the automatic sprinkler system.




Fire Detdetectorection & EWIS Zone Block Plans – BCA Spec E 2.2a & AS 1670.1

The purpose of these plan guidelines is to control the risks associated with having non-compliant or out-of-date documentation in Fire Indicator Panels (FIP) as defined by legislation, indicating the area covered by each zone. Section 3.10 – Zone Block Plan states: “A block plan of the installation, with the position of the FIP clearly indicated, shall be securely mounted adjacent to the FIP, Mimic Panel, Repeater Panel and Fire Brigade panel.