Integral Fire, provide electrical contractors the opportunity to partner with us, to complete the Dry Fire works on their projects.

Tender Phase:

  • Free tender support on all projects you may be tendering, including providing takeoff allowances, reviewing project scope, supply of comprehensive price for the supply and commission of equipment, drawings and technical support during construction.

Construction Phase:

  • Review construction drawings and provide shop drawing post review
  • Upon approval of shop drawings (if applicable) provide drawings with detection numbering to support the installation of your on site staff.
  • Supply best equipment (excluding cable) to suit project, i.e. using right panel for the right job. Integral Fire have supply partnerships with all major suppliers of fire equipment, the likes of AMPAC, Notifier, TYCO (Wormalds Panels), Incite, Firesense, Pertronics.
  • Supply of all (auxiliary equipment) detection and speakers to suit project. Supply of detectors pre addressed.
  • Provide mechanical and other services interfacing support and on site training to your staff.
  • Provide full software program, and configure FIP to suit.
  • Fault Finding support if applicable.
  • Nearing practical completion, conduct on site commissioning requirements of AS1670.1, with the assurance of your staff.

Practical Completion Phase:

  • Provide Independent Certification (if applicable)
  • Provide CAD drawings from on site “As Installed” drawings.
  • Provide Project Completion Manual which includes the following data:
    • Project Completion Manual, incorporating system description, maintenance requirements, documentation (certificate of electrical safety, independent certification, commissioning reports as per 1670.1, warranty certificates, and statement of compliance), as installed drawings and zone block plans.
    • Provided in soft-copy, sent electronically.
    • Provided in three hard copies, spiral bound and delivered to site (one copy allocated to the Fire Indicator Panel)
    • Provide 12-month warranty support, including onsite support if required, T&C do apply here.
  • Provide (if applicable) 12 Maintenance program, i.e. Integral Fire go onsite and provide the routine maintenance as per your contract during the DLP, then Integral Fire have the option to retain the maintenance to the client directly post 12 months (negotiable)